About Doc

Hello and welcome to Healthy Pet Doc, my blog and source of information regarding everything related to keeping your pets healthy.

My Background

I’ve been involved with the veterinary profession since 1993. I have performed every job possible in a veterinary hospital prior to being a veterinarian.

In 2002, I graduated from the VMRCVM, the veterinary college located in Maryland and Virginia, with my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM).

I limit my practice to dogs and cats, although at times I will have information to share about other species, including humans!

I have owned my own practice in Northern California since 2008.

Why I Am Doing This

Early in my career as a veterinarian, I realized the most important job I have is twofold.

  1. I need to be an advocate for my patients.
  2. I need to communicate important information to the guardians of my patients.

I believe that over the years I’ve learned to be very effective at the above tasks. The problem is, I do it one appointment at a time. I want to broadcast important information more widely and efficiently.

A Source Of Information For Your Pet

This website will serve as my blog and platform for disseminating important information with no fluff or BS.

Your pets need you to be informed as you are directly responsible for their health and well being.

To Your Pet’s Health!

Colin Chaves, DVM